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STEEP Renaissance exists to facilitate better futures, working collaboratively.


Is both the word for a rapid upward movement or incline. And an acronym for our Social-Technological-Ecological-Economic-Political global fabric, that's being torn apart- causing new disruptions, new 'disasters' and new opportunities for collaborating individuals and SMEs.


Means revival or rebirth in a major way. Like the Italian Renaissance, or flowering, that followed the Black Plague.

As a member, you can access, harness, and apply the growing body of insights, research, resources, ideas, tools, techniques, technologies, opportunities you find here. And, if you choose, you can combine your talent, research, creativity, ideas, resources, and expertise with other business owners, and service professionals.

Your mission and ours

Our combined mission is to turn big problems into big business opportunities. To make a positive dent in the universe, and in so doing, make life far better for all.


Neville Christie

Even a summary of Neville Christie’s lifelong learning, experience and achievements is a challenge. But we’ll have a go! 

Neville Christie Founder of STEEP RenaissanceHow come?  Well Neville has seventy highly active and overlapping years of learning, experience, research, application, and achievement to his credit.  

Not only has he continued to think outside the box.  But with his work, relationships, and life, he has always dwelt outside the box.  Wholesale and maverick abundance, not a linear life and career, has given him his zest.

For example:  Since the age of 12, Neville has performed in many different industries, in multiple, overlapping roles including CEO, Chairman, Venture Capitalist, Venture Manager, Facilitator, Futurist, Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator.

This in-depth know-how is what Neville brings this to the Insights, articles, videos, podcasts, and #Nevilleisms you’ll find here at STEEP Renaissance.


Still active, vital, influential

Since the age of 12 when Neville started his first three micro-businesses, while still full-time at school, he has usually taken on these different roles, seven at a time.  For a summary see, ‘Confessions of a Precocious Entrepreneur, ‘ on Amazon.

Plus, over the last 70 years, he has re-invented himself, every three years. And he claims right now he is going through “one of the fastest growth spurts of my life as our whole world experiences forty-tsunami-like events.”  

Now heading into his 83rd year, Neville is still highly active in life and business. 

Current focus

Now, his immediate focus, is to leave an important legacy through:

  • STEEP Renaissance co-founded with Danielle Kennedy
  • his innovative company chairing roles
  • his business and life transformational mentoring,
  • developing the next generation of entrepreneurs, and through
  • the Fast Track Personal Growth Cohorts he runs. 

Techno-file and techno-idiot

STEEP Renaissance stands for a Social-Technological- Ecological-Economic-Political rebirth.

As a business and life-oriented Futurist, Christie claims, “I remain both a techno-file and a techno-idiot.   However, 80% of our global STEEP Renaissance will come about because we apply a range of amazing new technologies. 

“These include: ‘mindware,’ ‘peopleware,’ and ‘orgware,’ which we specialize in here at STEEP Renaissance.”

Neville claims he’s both a techno-file and techno-idiot.  However, one of the many emerging technologies Neville is deep diving into is Generative AI - as he documents and shares his own ‘mindware,’  ‘peopleware,’  and ‘orgware’ tools and technologies.

Talk about the ‘restless gene’ which Neville has in abundance!  And which is shared by 20% of humankind, and most serial entrepreneurs and innovators!

Kick-started at age six

From as early as age 6, Neville Christie started his apprenticeship as a serial entrepreneur – selling stamps, biscuits, toffees, lemonade… and raising money for the blind.

At 12, while still full-time at school, in order to support his family, Neville started his first three serious small businesses.  By 13 he was earning 3-4 times the basic wage from four different ventures.  Since then, he has set up a total of 44 SMEs of his own small businesses. 41 of these were successful and three significant failures. 

In addition, Neville has actively chaired, mentored or supported literally thousands of SME businesses in groups and one-on-one.  Groups have included: the Asian Institute of Management, the Australian Institute of Management, the Australian Institute of Company Directors. the CEO Institute, Symphonie 7, Uncommon Events, and six different Universities - where he has also gained four qualifications in arts, training, business, and psychotherapy.


As a strong advocate of us all becoming the very best versions of us, and of Business with Soul’ founded on a worthwhile Purpose, Neville’s personal goal now, through STEEP Renaissance, is to enhance the lives and businesses of 10,000 entrepreneurs in ways that give them the life, and lifestyle they want.  And in ways that contribute both to creating a far better world, and the new STEEP Renaissance.

Danielle Kennedy

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