Our Mythic Story of Transformation

In a far off galaxy...

a tribe of Earth Settlers, are struggling to adapt to their dramatically different environment, and to the rapidly changing times.

In moving away from Earth, they’d taken their old ways with them. And they thought their new planet would be Earth made much better. After all, they all went extra-terrestial to find a better life.

Now they are finding it hard to keep up with all the changes happening around them, in a planet that is both fertile and hostile.

And to the fact that the ground on this planet seems to keep moving under their feet – literally. One day the rivers run dry. The next they break their banks. Overnight the vegetation blossoms in a remarkable way. The next it is decimated by fire. No sooner do they rebuild their houses on higher ground, than a typhoon smashes half of them to pieces.

Their Leader reminds them,

Our past is a dead country. If we continue to dwell there in our thoughts and yearnings, we are certain to decline and die.

But half the tribe reply,

We must just wait, bunker down, and soon the supply light-speed shuttle will take us back to Earth. Then, we return to the way things were.

A vision

One day, a wise elder of the tribe has a vision. In the vision, he sees a butterfly, struggle, struggle, and slowly emerge from its cocoon. It tests its wings, allows them to dry in the two suns, and finally flies away.

Just like the butterfly you need to go through transformations
Butterflies emerging from cocoons, symgbolizing the transformation the tribe must go through.

For him the butterfly symbolizes the transformation that the tribe needs to go through. He shares the vision with the Leader, and then the whole tribe. And they are all in awe.

The elder explains that just like the butterfly, they need to go through a complete metamorphosis to adapt to the changing times, and the changing ecology. After all Earth is also going through huge ecological transformations too.

Not just survive, but thrive

They need to come together as a community, embrace new ways of thinking, adopt new technologies, and build new systems to thrive in this fertile, but hostile, new world.

The tribe agrees to start on their journey of transformation, just like the butterfly. They begin by laying the 'eggs' of new ideas, and soon they have a vibrant community of larva, full of energy and ideas.

As they grow, they build a cocoon of innovation, where they can transform and develop new ways of doing things.

It isn’t an easy journey, just like the butterfly, they have to face challenges and obstacles along the way. But, with persistence and determination, they overcome these challenges and emerge from their cocoon as a transformed tribe, ready to take on their new world.

Transformation all-encompassing

The butterfly has taught them that transformation is not just for individuals, but for organizations and society as well. The tribe now calls themselves The Butterfly Tribe and use the butterfly as a symbol of their journey, reminding them that transformation is possible, and that they can overcome any challenge if they work together.

When the supply shuttle arrives none of the tribe want to leave for Earth. They all now know that change is the only constant in life, and that to thrive, they need to embrace it with open arms.

Our mythic story a metaphor

The story serves as a metaphor for our current global situation, where communities need to come together, change their mindsets, and emerge as transformed societies to overcome the challenges of our changing world.

Keywords: adaptation, transformation, community, innovation, challenges, obstacles, persistence, determination, new world, change.

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