Changing mindsets - yours and others

Changing all our mind sets is now a vital issue for our survival and thrival.

How come? Well, the BIG THREE C’s of Community, Cooperation, and Collaborative Innovation, have the power to prevent the world's people, cultures, and nations being torn apart.

Torn apart...

TORN APART by climate change, geo-political conflict, pandemics, the huge needs for reinvestment in energy, new buildings above flood plains, new infrastructure, moving millions away from low-lying islands. and the like.

These, big issues, and the need to adopt the three C’s and much more, require multiple mindset changes, at every level of our global society.

Lots of tools to come here.

So…over time this module will be populated with lots of insights, ideas, tools, techniques, technologies that assist us change our mind sets – and those of others – from this… to that…

Setting the scene

To set the scene for what you will find here progressively… We have imagined a lively dialogue between a senior executive of the United Nations, Dr Henry Crisp. and our multi-discipline expert, Dr Peter Pronto… A dialogue about some of the mind set changes needed... And what the research says can brings these changes about.

Conversation between Dr Crisp & Dr Pronto

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  • Fortify and future-proof your existing businesses,
  • Collaboratively craft a myriad of ground-breaking innovations,
  • Innovate distinct business models,
  • Make a genuine and positive impact on changing global warming,
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  • Pave the way for different and superior futures, by actively participating in the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions, and the emerging STEEP Renaissance.

Learn about - Mastery of Collaborative Innovation



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