STEEP Insight 0001: Ten initial mindware tools - that kick-start you to ‘become the best possible version of you.’

By Neville Christie

As our world goes topsy turvy…here’s fantastic news for you to think about… 

Our relentless, positive drive towards total holistic wellness, and being the best versions of us…pushes away unskilled behaviour [ ‘sin’ ]…removes obstacles in our path… cures any unwellness…transforms our ‘bad’ habits into far better ones…and creates far better futures for us all. 

- #Nevilleism.

Transformation not evolution through mindware toolsMore great news: Here’s how we all maintain that drive towards our best selves…

  • “We’re all tool-using creatures. So now we use new science, and vital new tools, to move us from the ‘stone age’ of our personal growth, development, transformation, and transcendence… towards a new age of renaissance, and rebirth.” - the STEEP Renaissance team.
  • “When we use higher-order tools wisely… we transform us from impoverished human beings, into abundant humans becoming.” - another #Nevilleism.
  • "The Black Death of the 14th century catalysed the Italian Renaissance. Now, global warming and the global Covid-19 pandemic pave the way for a modern renaissance. Recent advancements in technology, including new science, new energy sources, artificial intelligence, and mindware, offer unprecedented opportunities for innovation and personal-societal transformation." - the team at STEEP Renaissance.
  • "Technology is the real enabler of human potential. It provides us with the tools to enhance our capabilities, solve complex problems, and push the boundaries of what's possible, ultimately leading to personal and societal growth." - Elon Musk, visionary entrepreneur known for founding and leading innovative companies that include Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company.

Truly remarkable, once

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc, once said, “The computer is the most remarkable tool we've ever created. It's like a bicycle for our minds.”

At the time, Jobs was spot on. Especially as digital tools like the Internet, the web, search engines, cloud computing, mobile phones, and social media took off.

Now, it’s almost impossible for us to remember how stone age our analogue world was before it became digital.

Apple remarkable tool


And now another new age is on the way…

Now, now, now…when we amalgamate New Science, Mindware* tools, and Generative Artificial Intelligence with our digital hardware, software, walkware, and with our emerging new peopleware, and orgware… Then, Wowee…

We enter an even better, brighter age. The age of 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions…and a new STEEP Renaissance. [STEEP stands for social-technological-ecological-economic-political].

Coming super-fast!

Be aware! These positive revolutions and STEEP Renaissance are coming fast, fast, fast.

Twenty-two months before December 2019, when the Covid-19 Pandemic started its insidious spread from Wuhan in China…Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, one of our younger heads of state… spoke at the elite World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

There, on January 22, 2018, he claimed, “Change has never been this fast, and it will never be this slow again.”

We agree. Do you? If yes, then what? If no, then what?

New chauffeurs

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) tools have suddenly become the self-driving vehicles for our personal and business transformation. Used collectively and collaboratively, AI tools take our minds, psyches, imaginations, and masteries to new, exciting places.

AI may not take over your job or business, but individuals and organisations partnering with AI will.

- a #Nevilleism.

Which is why, at STEEP Renaissance, we’ve adopted GAI as Mindware One.

For, wonder-fully! As we add life-changing ‘mindware’ tools, and the discoveries of new science, to our digital tools, and to GAI … we create the best opportunities ever in human history to:

  • Transform our psyches
  • Grow our brains out
  • Become the best versions of us
  • Build high value businesses with soul
  • Extend the scope, and depth, of our loving relationships
  • Create better futures for all
  • Make real magic happen, as collaboratively we create the Renaissance.

New Science: Turns the Corner on our Human-ness

As for New Science, we do well to listen to one of Neville’s long-term mentors, the renowned trailblazer of human potential, and creator of much transformative mindware, Dr Jean Houston…

“With the present convergence of the findings of anthropology, cross-cultural studies, psychophysical research, and studies into the nature and function of brain, we are beginning to have in hand a perspective on human possibility as profound as it is provocative.

“This perspective allows us to turn the corner on our humanity, exploring and experiencing the astonishing complexity and variety of the world of the possible human.

“It is virtually a new introduction to the human race.”
- Jean Houston, ‘ The Possible Human

Now that’s Real Magic.

Access your comprehensive guide

This New Science, and these new tools and opportunities, are so incredible, so important, so wow-full, that I, Neville Christie, the STEEP Renaissance team, and our joint venture partners, have made it our mission to provide you with ongoing, comprehensive DIY guides to them. Ongoing. Week-by-week. Month-by-month. Year-by-year.

Why? Well, so, you, we, and multiple others, can rightly say…

  • ‘I’ve become the best possible version of me.’
  • ‘I’ve facilitated others to become the very best versions of them.’ And…
  • ‘Working collaborating, we’ve built the STEEP Renaissance, and created new futures that benefit us all.’

Can we do it, together?

The STEEP Renaissance team says, “Of course we can - working collaboratively.” And Margaret Mead agrees. This influential American cultural anthropologist known for her studies of Oceania cultures in transition, and her work in understanding human behaviour across cultures, shouts:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Please, chew on the amazing thought for a minute or two!

So, how do you gain ongoing access to all these goodies?

Digest and retain this first overview - STEEP Insight 0001.

  • You can come back here at any time, to find an enlivening series of archived insights & tools available in free and in-depth paid versions.
  • There over time, you’ll also find a growing wealth of DIY life-changing tips, tools, ideas, technologies, eBooks, videos, flipbooks, podcasts, workshops, fast-track growth cohorts, coaching-mentoring services, challenges, experiments, projects, and a range of unusual new business opportunities.
  • You can shake hands with that complete know-it-all, Dr Peter Pronto, who waits expectedly to answer your every question.
  • Within a year you gain multiple chances to be part of a global interacting, innovating community. And…
  • Right now, you become an Foundation Member of the STEEP Renaissance tribe.

So, what are the nine other initial ‘mindware’ tools?

If you subscribe, we’ll share with you the next nine of many life and business-transforming ‘mindware’ tools. And we’ll slip in a handful of total wellness bonuses, as well. All at no charge. And without obligation.

After that, we invite you to join STEEP - as a free, or paid member. And to spread the joy to at least five others. Hopefully more!

Here are the other nine initial mindware tools and a brief outline, that we’ll cover in those next nine STEEP Insights.

This way you can test drive and prove travelling together is worth your while.


STEEP Insight 0002: Accept You, Your Life, and the World, 'Iz as they Iz.'

“Can we truly accept and love anyone else, until we accept and love us first?” - a #Nevilleism.

When you add healthy dollops of acceptance and self-acceptance to your life, loves, and work…you create two vital foundation stones for your ongoing personal development and transformation. You also gain the ability to explore the weird and wonderful mindware of the ‘Paradoxical Principle of Change.’

With acceptance, you recognize and embrace… Reality as it iz…Your genetic inheritance, your parents and your parenting as they waz… You as you iz, warts and all.

Sort the wheat from the chaff

From these bases, you sort out the many things you can influence, use, or change… from those closed to your fruitful intervention.

That done, your acceptance mindware gifts you with clarity, agency, a greater sense of fulfillment… and an enhanced capacity to love - in all the 11 forms proposed by the ancient Greeks. These includes self-love. Erotic love. And brotherly love.


Unconvinced about the importance of acceptance and self-acceptance as fast track personal growth mindware? Then, check out, America’s Got Talent 2021 video by Nightbirde, ‘It’s Okay.’ Watch right to the end. And for a follow on, see this African choir sing Nightbirde’s song, in 2023 - if you can get past the schmaltzy intro: ‘It’s Okay.’

Bonus: What your resistance to Generative AI tells you about you, why you must change, and how you can do that.

STEEP Insight 0003 : Use the Awesome Power of Gratitude to Transform ‘Everything’

If you can take only one life-changing mindware tool on that proverbial desert island, this is it! Loads of research clearly indicate the awesome power, and multiple life-changing benefits, of making gratitude your daily habit.


In the full Insight article you will receive, we reveal some of these many benefits. And share with you how to build this vital habit.

Benefits from your daily practice of gratitude include:

  • fostering your positive and practical enthusiasm
  • shifting your focus from what you lack, to what is abundant in your life, relationships, and business
  • enhancing your mental, psychological, and physical well-being
  • attracting more positive experiences, options and possibilities into your life, and business.

See: The Law of Attraction


Bonus: How you transform unfruitful habits into fruitful ones.

STEEP Insight 0004: Grow Your Brains Out Multiple Ways

Modern science - including the findings of the neuroplasticity of the brain - give you multiple mindware tools that enable you to purposively and systematically grow your brains out. That’s Real Magic!

This Insight provides you with a kick-start selection. Over the months we will return often to this theme… and we will share more key brain-enhancing mindware tools with you. Why? Because they aid you to continuously expand your knowledge, your know-how your cognitive and creative abilities, and make them integral to your life and work.

In short, as you apply these tools, and you engage in DIY-motivated life-long learning, you enhance your total wellness -including health, mental agility, creativity, overall capacity, productivity, and performance. And…

You tap into your eleven intelligences. Yes eleven. Not just IQ. You add new experiments, exercises, and experiences that expand your mind and keep it active and sharp. You foster curiosity, social connections, and mindfulness, which lead you to sustained cognitive growth and personal development. And your make your life, love and work being much, much more fun.

What could be more wonder-full than all that!

STEEP Insight 0005: Re-jig Your Four Stories Often

Every life, every community, every business - yours and ours included - have four recurring and transformative stories:

  • Past story - with its explaining power
  • Present story - with its resourcing power
  • Future story - with its motivating power
  • Bridge story - with its actioning power

We reveal…as you drive yourself towards the best versions of you… and you dance with collaborative AI…how you can use the retelling and rejigging of these four stories… to plot and manifest your multiple transformations.

Bonus: The Seven Stages of the Journey of Your Soul, or Psyche.

STEEP Insight 0006: Make Curiosity Your Daily Habit

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. It gives her nine lives. You too!

- a #Nevilleism.

In a world, full of information overload, and where, paradoxically, we are supposedly dumbing down…curiosity is a mindset, skill, and a set of practices…with HUGE pay-offs.

As you systematically stimulate your curiosity. you nurture a sense of wonder, and a desire to keep exploring and discovering. And you do!
No need to be bored or boring.

Programmed curiosity drives you to explore new ideas, ask questions, and seek out new experiences. By staying curious, you keep your mind active, foster continuous learning, and open yourself up to new opportunities and innovations. Your curiosity stops you from being bored. And, worse, boring.

No wonder then, here at STEEP Renaissance we claim that you embracing curiosity mindware, leader you to a deeper understanding of the world around you… and to your ongoing learning and growth.

A great example

At the end of his amazing Stanford address, Steve Jobs said, "Stay hungry, stay foolish."

This phrase encapsulates his advice to remain curious, open to new experiences, and always eager to learn and grow, regardless of where life takes you.

Bonus: How rejuvenated pay-offs are vital keys to removing any growth road-blocks.

STEEP Insight 0007: Re-envision and Manifest the New You

Your past You, and your present You, are less formidable than the future You, you can yet become.

- a #Nevilleism.

The formidable future YOU you are yet to become


Among other steps, you re-envisioning the new You involves you imagining and creating a vision and version of your very best, fruitful, and most abundant self. This requires you to self-reflect, and make changes that align with your desired values and futures.

By visualizing your ideal self, as part of your future story, you set a clear direction for your personal development and motivate yourself to achieve your big, fat, hairy, audacious goals.

STEEP Insight 0008: Focus on Purpose and Intentionality

“The purpose of life is to create a life of purpose.” - Richard J Leider.

This meme is both trite and profound. Various philosophies, spiritual traditions, and God Squads, argue back and forth about whether Life has any Purpose at all… except to be born, die, and muddle along the best we can, in between. Or to claim the Purpose of Life is to “love God and enjoy her forever” - so our real life exists beyond the grave.

We’re clear. Based on psychological research, we maintain there are profound, innate, purposes for this life…which we can choose to live to, or not In addition we gain heaps by creating our own set of Purposes… like, for example… [Go on. Fill in the blanks…].

To these options, we add the huge pay-offs we gain as we live, love, and work with Intention and align our evolution with our True Self… and with the values vital to us.

Bonus: Who the heck are you, truly, actually, deeply?

STEEP Insight 0009: Head Towards Wholesome Wholeness

Our brains, minds, bodies and psyches are pre-programmed to be wholesomely whole. Give them the tools, and they unlock their interconnectiveness.

- a #Nevilleism.

You heading towards your wholesome wholeness involves you striving for balanced and integrated life, love and work. This encompasses physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual well-being. And the good news? All these elements of your very best self are interconnected and mutually supporting. That’s more Real Magic.

In the full Insight article, we consider a few tools like: Engage in activities that nurture all aspects of your being, from regular exercise and healthy eating to meditation and self-reflection… so you foster a holistic sense of completeness and fulfillment.

Bonus: How later in life, Maslow found three transformative, higher order needs above self-actualisation… and how you can intentionally build on them.

STEEP Insight 0010: Contact Your Inner Wish-Granting Genie

One of the many weird and wonderful aspects of being human, is how often we lose the inner gyroscope of what it is we really, truly want, at each pivot of our lives.

- a #Nevilleism.

First, we provide a strong way to find out, what we want, when we’ve lost our way. Then we share a key mindware formula for how you contact your inner, ever-present, wish-granting Genie, so you gain whatever it is you truly want, whenever you want it. More Real Magic.

Rubbing your Aladdin’s Lamp

You contacting your inner wish-granting genie means tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition. This tool encourages you to listen to your inner voice, trust your instincts, and harness your innate power to manifest your deep needs and wants.

You trusting in your ability to create your reality, followed by you using the Inner Genie Formula, whenever you need to, unlocks your far better futures. And better futures for those you love.

Definition Corner


Over the last 65 years, since he was 17, Neville Christie has written over 100,000 memes*. Most are a text of 17 words or fewer. 17 words tends to be the most we remember, without reducing. Neville is now spreading some of these #Nevilleisms across the world wide web, in various formats. Your insights will contain a sprinkle.


A meme is a piece of content, often in the form of an image, video, text, or combination, that is shared and spread widely on the internet. It typically carries a specific idea, theme, or joke, often evolving as it is copied and modified by different users. Memes can be humorous, satirical, or convey cultural commentary. Their rapid dissemination makes them a significant part of online culture.


This is word created by the STEEP Renaissance team. Mindware refers to a diverse array of products, software, apps, tools, techniques, formulas, processes and intellectual property specifically designed to enhance our total abilities, promote our personal transformation, and facilitate our self-improvement. These resources are crafted to stimulate mental processes including curiosity, creativity, and innovation, expand knowledge, cultivate evaluative thinking, deepen soul-full wisdom, and foster emotional intelligence.

Essentially, mindware serves as a profound toolkit for any of us seeking to optimize our whole person faculties and evolve towards realizing our full potential, such that we enable us them to become the best versions of us.

Time to act

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