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Coalescence of ideas - use collaboration to drive innovation

Mastery in Collaborative Innovation

A companion series of experiences and accelerated learning to Mastery of Innovation, with a similar methodology, but very different content.

In this module of STEEP Renaissance, we focus on the insights, tools, techniques, skills, and technologies you need to become a master of collaborative innovation, in a variety of roles, and domains.

Masters (MBA) students identify that innovation in manufacturing is best achieved through collaboration of employees
As part of the final Strategy unit of their MBA, a group of four students two men and two women - were invited to report to the CEO of XYZ Manufacturing, a traditional Australian manufacturing company, how he might transform it into a much more innovative, and collaboratively innovating company. Here is their rather basic report. Imagine you are a colleague of the Change Manager of the company. The CEO has given the naïve report to you. And asked you how you would make it both more realistic and in the form of a concrete action plan.
Manufacturing Change manager's assessment and recommendations
As the Change Manager of XYZ manufacturer, tasked with transforming it into a more innovative and collaboratively innovative company, this report provides a concrete action plan based on the previous report provided by the MBA students.
Collaborative business innovation - innovation master

Ignite the STEEP Renaissance.

A companion series of experiences and accelerated learning to Mastery of Innovation, with a similar methodology, but very different content.

You have formed your collective of 10-12 SME innovation pioneers. So what is next?
Advantages of collaborating versus going solo in innovation
“Secret” advantages that collaborative innovating has over ‘solo’ innovating.
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As a Founding Member of STEEP Renaissance you can play an important role by collaborating with the core STEEP Renaissance team, and other members to create a shared training course in ‘Co-creating a Mastery in Collaborative Innovation Course.’  Or, in ‘Co-creating Becoming a Master of Transformation Course.’ .

  • Fortify and future-proof your existing businesses,
  • Collaboratively craft a myriad of ground-breaking innovations,
  • Innovate distinct business models,
  • Make a genuine and positive impact on changing global warming,
  • Leverage your revitalized core businesses to spawn add-on joint ventures,
  • Tap into new markets, 7+ sources of positive cash flow, and fresh forms of abundance,
  • Pave the way for different and superior futures, by actively participating in the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions, and the emerging STEEP Renaissance.

Learn about - Mastery of Collaborative Innovation

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